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Our Identity & Association

Our Identity

The Caloundra Church of Christ is an independent, not-for-profit, self-governing church. It has complete control over its own affairs and any relationships with other churches and christian organisations. We support the ideals of the “Church of Christ Movement” and this is reflected in our name: “Church of Christ”.

What is the Church of Christ Movement?

The Churches of Christ are a body of believers with a desire to see people saved from their sin and united in Jesus with other believers. A restoration movement began around 1800 in the USA and it saw believers from various denominations begin meeting together with the goal of attempting to reproduce the essence of the church as presented in the New Testament. They saw themselves as a movement towards the New Testament church, and had no thought of founding another denomination.They still had theological differences and different practices, but they insisted that this was OK as long as all beliefs were based on the Bible. The early proponents of the movement coined phrases that expressed some of their core beliefs:

No creed but Christ
No book but the Bible
In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, and in all things love.

Churches of Christ in general have not formalized a creed or statement of faith believing the Word of God speaks for itself. Nevertheless, at Caloundra we have found it helpful for both visitors and our own people alike, to clearly state our core beliefs and values.

Our Association

Notwithstanding its independence, the Caloundra Church of Christ is associated with Churches of Christ in QLD. which is the umbrella organisation for over 60 mainstream Christian churches in QLD that follow the ideals of the Church of Christ Movement.

Caloundra Church of Christ is therefore, part of a larger network of like-minded churches who cooperate together for the common good, to accomplish particular, often specialized ministries that would be impossible to achieve alone.

Churches of Christ in QLD provide over 200 care and community services in more than 100 communities. They partner with Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania to provide care services in those states. Discover more about Churches of Christ in QLD from their website.

Churches of Christ in QLD is itself associated with Churches of Christ in Australia and through the World Convention associates with churches from many other nations, who also support the ideals of the Church of Christ Movement.

Churches of Christ Care (a division of Churches of Christ QLD) is the largest, most diverse not-for-profit organisation in Australia. It provides specialist services for early childhood, child protection, community & affordable housing, retirement living, community aged care and residential aged care.