Equipping people to LOVE deeply, LIVE passionately, and SERVE willingly.

Our Purpose & Mission

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Church is to “preach the good news and make disciples” of Jesus.

The church as a community of believers, strives to fulfill the commands of Jesus as we read them in Matthew 24:14, Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15-18, Luke 24:46-49, John 20:21-23, and Acts 1:8.

We strive to understand how God would want us to reach our community with the gospel, by looking to the Bible for wisdom and revelation.

We strive through prayer to seek God until His love for our community, and His desire to see the unsaved repent, becomes our heartfelt desire.

We recognize the need to be united if we are to work together for Christ – united in faith, purpose and commitment.

We rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to equip us as we go into the surrounding community and to prepare the hearts and minds of those whose lives we touch.

By seeking God through prayer and by looking to the Bible for wisdom and revelation, we strive to show God’s love and grace to our community.

Consider reading Brian Medway’s short booklet “The Primary Purpose [Re-discovering the Biblical Reason for the Church]” (PDF 689Kb) on the church’s purpose. (used with permission)

Our Mission

Our mission is to help move people at home and abroad from wherever they are spiritually to become deeply mature followers of Jesus.

(An adaptation of Jesus’s Great Commission in Matthew 28:19) Put simply… We want to introduce people to Christ, and then help them become better acquainted, becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

In order of priority, mature followers of Jesus will exhibit the following five characteristics
Mature believers are definitely converts.
In moving people from spiritual re-birth to maturity, first, they must become converts of Jesus. Converts are people who have accepted Jesus as Saviour and Lord and are saved or born again.

Mature believers participate in meaningful worship and celebration.
In moving converts to maturity, they must participate in glorifying God through meaningful worship.

Mature believers are in community.
In moving believers to maturity, they must experience community. Believers in community are taught, encouraged, prayed for, and held accountable, among other things.

Mature believers are deeply committed people.
In moving believers in community on to maturity, they must become deeply committed to Jesus. Believers in community have made the deepest commitment of their life to Jesus.

Mature believers are contributors to Jesus’ cause.
In moving committed believers to maturity, they must become contributors to Jesus’ cause. Contributors are the following kinds of believers.

• serving believers (workers)
• sharing believers (witnesses)
• supporting believers (givers)