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Pastoral Care

The Caloundra Church of Christ has a Care Team dedicated to helping others when they have physical, emotional, spiritual or relational needs.

As Christians we are encouraged in Scripture to care deeply for each other e.g. Gal 6:2 ‘Bear one another’s burdens and so fulfil the law of Christ.”

There are at least nine ways in which we do this:
1. Pray; 2. Seek to understand; 3. Write; 4. Contact; 5. Eat together; 6. Listen; 7. Assist; 8. Invite; 9. Plan to Care.

Many in the church are doing these things spontaneously. However pastoral care organisation takes place to ensure people with real needs are not overlooked.

We value our home groups where much of the care ministry takes place. Most groups have a care coordinator and make the pastors aware of any need that may be beyond the group to address.

There are church members who make hospital visits; provide meals; and others who follow up folk we haven’t seen for a while. There are also those who visit shut-ins and people in aged care.

Should you require pastoral care please contact the church office on 5491 7778 to make arrangements.